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Spring 2018

It has been a long and very cold winter here in Michigan. And now the happiest of seasons -- spring and summer.

Since I'm an avid gardener, I really treasure the chance to dig in the dirt, plant my flowers, and get all hot and sweaty playing in my rock garden. It's never a chore. I try to get out early in the morning and get in an hour or so of weeding, planting, cutting, before the heat of afternoon.

I especially love all my container plantings. Everything looks so pretty and cheerful. Just seeing them makes me smile.

Since moving to my lake house, life has become a party. Boating, swimming, water-skiing. I'm just an observer, however, not a participant. But it's always so much fun watching the show.

This summer I'll be writing as well as enjoying my outdoor activities. And when I'm not writing, I love nothing better than to find a cool spot in the shade to read. Next to writing, reading is my passion.

I hope to use this time to improve my health with a brisk walk. Ease my mind with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Nourish my soul with a good book. During this season of new life, of sunshine and flowers, my wish for you, my dear readers, is that you take the time to renew, refresh, and reinvigorate your lives in whatever way pleases you. And I hope you can do it with the people you love.


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