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Irish Historical Romance Classics:

The O'Neil Saga Trilogy. Three Irish Historical Romance Novels. From the rich tapestry of Ireland and England, a family driven by destiny.

Rory O'Neil is known as the Blackhearted O'Neil. A beloved hero in Ireland. The most wanted man in England, hunted by every English soldier in the land.

AnnaClaire Thompson, the daughter of one of Queen Elizabeth's most trusted advisors, loses her heart to this wild, passionate Irishman. Will it also cost her life?

Conor O'Neil has the gift of a smooth tongue. For that reason he is sent to England to play the risky game of politics in the Court of Elizabeth.

Shy Emma Vaughn is forced into the deadly game of spying. Her goal is to turn Conor's attentions from intrigue to pleasure. But with each flirtation, these two are drawn into a web of danger and deceit.

A skilled fighter, Briana O'Neil dreamed of joining her brothers in the war to end Ireland's freedom. Her father's harsh edict banished his wild daughter, instead, to a cloistered life in an abbey.

Keane O'Mara is embittered by the conflict in his land. When he rescues a woman from a band of soldiers, he discovers beneath her bloody hooded cloak the cross and close-cropped hair of a nun. But she soon teaches him that she is a woman of great passion. Her remarkable recovery sparks new hope within him. With this wildcat by his side, he believes he can regain what he'd once thought forever lost.

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O'Neil Saga Trilogy Box Set

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