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Author Ruth Ryan Langan
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SIX of Ruth's Exciting Highlander Series
Now Available As Ebooks

One Christmas Night, A Highlander Novella

Lindsay Douglas routinely scavenges Highland battlefields in search of articles she can barter to feed her impoverished family. On one such foray she comes upon a warrior more dead than alive. Under her tender care Morgan MacLaren not only survives, but loses his heart. Her family rejoices, and despite bitter circumstances, hope for a better future blooms in all their hearts.

Without warning, Morgan is summoned home, and the message he leaves behind is partially burned, leaving Lindsay and her family to face a bleak future. To save her family, Lindsay agrees to marry a wealthy man in her village known to be a cruel taskmaster. The ceremony will take place at a midnight service on the eve of Christmas.

Can a noble knight, now laird of the land, overcome impossible odds to write their happy ending?

Download One Christmas Night:
Only 99
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes&Noble (Nook)


Highland Barbarian

Highlander Series Six Book Box Set

Ruth Ryan Langan's Exciting Highlander Series, including all six full-length novels.

Highland Barbarian
Highland Heather
Highland Fire
Highland Heart
The Highlander
Highland Heaven

Download Highlander Series Box Set:
Only 9.99 for 6 novels (Kindle)
Barnes& (Nook) (iBook)

Highland Barbarian

Highland Fire, Book 3

Fierce Irish warrior Kieran O'Mara is a man on the run from an English prison.

Beautiful Highland firebrand Megan MacAlpin sustains a serious head wound while fighting off a band of armed soldiers, and suffers the loss of her memory.

Unwilling to leave this female in harm's way, Kieran must take her on a perilous journey across the Channel to his homeland. Along the way, these two face grave danger, and discover a deep and abiding love. But will the return of her memory and her duties to her clan cause her to turn away from the only man who has ever touched her heart?

Purchase Highland Fire:
Only $3.99 (Kindle)
Barnes& (Nook) (iBook)

Highland Fire

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