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Author Ruth Ryan Langan
Author Ruth Ryan Langan

Book 1 in Wranglers of Wyoming series
(writing as R.C. Ryan)

Grand Central Publishing

Brand Merrick is a take-charge cowboy who considers relax a four-letter word. So when an injury lands him six-weeks of physical therapy, he intends to keep right on working -- until his grandmother hires a therapist to stay at their family ranch. He's not used to following orders, or slowing down, but Avery Grant has a way of getting him to do things he'd never thought he'd do.

Avery hates to admit it, but this super sexy rancher is testing her patience -- and her professionalism. She's a born-and-bred city girl, yet she finds herself drawn to the rugged wilderness and the equally rugged cowboy she's here to help. But when a threat from her past follows Avery to Montana, it's Brand who rides to the rescue -- if only she'll put her trust in him, and the growing feelings in her heart.

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My Kind Of Cowboy

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