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Author Ruth Ryan Langan
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Fall 2008

I love autumn in Michigan. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. Could it be because, as a kid, I always thrilled to the start of another school year? I knew my friends were sorry to see the summer fade, and in truth, so was I. But there was just something about autumn, and a new school year, and new friends, new teachers, new lessons to be learned. I suppose, at heart, we’re all children.

I love watching the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, red. Watching the woods around us cloaked in fiery foliage. Catching glimpses of the deer as they stop at our pond to drink before slipping back into the cover of the forest. I find new ways to thwart the pesky squirrels and woodchucks trying to dig up my freshly-planted bulbs for next spring’s flowering.

Now it’s time to put away another season of gardening. I’m busy taking cuttings of plants I want to propagate. Digging up tender bulbs to store through the long, cold winter. Taking in my house plants, trimming back the growth, and setting them in sunny windows, so they don’t feel quite so displaced when they’re forced to spend the winter indoors.

I suppose, like my house plants, I’m getting ready to snuggle indoors, as well. Is there anything sweeter than sipping a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate while watching the wind worry the last leaves as they billow and swirl? Can you imagine a finer pleasure than curling up in front of a cozy fire with a good book, while outside your windows the rain turns to sleet?

Speaking of good books, I’m hoping to recommend a few. Watch for our next novella from Jove, SUITE 606, with stories by J D Robb, Mary Blayney, Mary Key McComas, and mine entitled COLD CASE. It will be released the first week of November.

I’m also working on a three-book contemporary romantic suspense series FOOL’S GOLD for Grand Central Publishing. Book 1 is DESTINY, Book 2 is CONSPIRACY, and Book 3 DYNASTY. Three cousins, estranged for years, are brought together by the death of their grandfather, and bond while searching for the lost treasure that has challenged their ancestors for three generations. Watch for them in late 2009 or early 2010.

I’m looking forward to spending this fall and winter writing. I hope, my dear friend, that I can entice you to spend many seasons reading. I hope, too, that some of the books you read and enjoy are mine, and that they will tug at your heartstrings and touch your soul in a very special way.

Ruth Ryan Langan

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