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Author Ruth Ryan Langan
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Did you join Ruth on her "Journey of the Heart" to Ireland?

Take a virtual vacation and enjoy Ruth's online journal from the land of green.

Fall 2011

Dry leaves swirling around our ankles are a reminder of our ever-changing, yet ever-familiar rite of passage. Here in Michigan a hush settles over the land as we await Old Man Winter.

Why do I love it so? The temperature drops. The wind bites. And too soon, the land will be blanketed in white. But there's just something about a cozy fire, a cup of hot chocolate, and getting lost in a good book, that tugs at my heart. Maybe, too, it's because of my favorite holidays.

This is a season that celebrates family. Whether we're a family of several generations, carrying on long-treasured traditions, or a gathering of friends who feel genuine affection for one another, the heart reacts the same way -- with love and joy and a desire to share. So let's carve that turkey, and exchange those gifts wrapped with love, while our hearts and voices are raised in song.

While the world is hushed, I hope you'll take a moment to enjoy my latest works. THE UNQUIET offers an appetizer of delights, from a futuristic cop to an ancient Highland warrior. My Wyoming Sky series, QUINN (Book 1) JOSH (Book 2) and JAKE (Book 3) offer a family saga filled with tough, modern cowboys and the women who win their hearts, along with enough danger to keep you on the edge and enough love to keep you warm through the coldest winter night.

As always, my dear reader, my wishes for you are these -- hope, joy and love. Hope that the world can become a kinder, more compassionate place for all. Joy at the simplest of life's pleasures. And love. Not only the love of a man and woman, but the love that mankind shares the world over. May my books play a small part in bringing these gifts to your heart.

Please leave me a note, either on my guestbook page, Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail. I love hearing from you.

Happy reading, my dear friends.

Ruth Ryan Langan
R. C. Ryan

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