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Author Ruth Ryan Langan
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Take a virtual vacation and enjoy Ruth's online journal from the land of green.

Winter/Holidays 2010

Winter came early this year. We're covered with a blanket of thick snow, and with frigid temperatures still dropping, we're living in a winter wonderland that resembles an ice palace. The pond behind our house is frozen solid; all its inhabitants hibernating until spring. There are deer tracks in the snow, and occasionally we see them as they slip silently into the woods. Our bird feeders are filled to capacity with cardinals, so red against the white snow, and the of the pretty birds that stop by Langan's Diner on a daily basis. Suet cakes hanging here and there bring flickers and pretty little black and white downy woodpeckers up close for their treats.

This is a time of great anticipation. Mothers and dads shopping for the perfect gift, while children wiggle and squirm, wondering if Christmas will ever get here. Despite the clock ticking and the days hurrying by, I can't help becoming a child again each year as I bake my cookies, wrap my presents, and listen to the sweet sound of my favorite carols being sung.

This, then, is my wish for each one of you during this wonderful season. For a little while I hope you can become a child again, and watch and wait in joyous anticipation for your very own miracle. Love is the miracle. Love is the gift. May you find love and joy and peace in your heart, in your family, in the world around you.

And while you're filling those stockings, or maybe when the holiday rush is over, if you'd like to settle under a lap robe and enjoy a wonderful book that will take you away, I can recommend a few. Or a few dozen. Just check out my titles, sit back, and get lost in my world.

Happy holidays my dear friends.

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Ruth Ryan Langan
R. C. Ryan

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