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Author Ruth Ryan Langan
Author Ruth Ryan Langan

The Unquiet

Five New York Times bestselling authors—five superlative stories.

Includes thrilling stories by J D Robb, Mary Blayney, Mary Kay McComas and Patricia Gaffney, as well as Ruth's novella entitled Unforgiven.

Young American widow Brianna Kerr visits her late husband's estate in the Scottish Highlands, hoping to nurse her wounds and clear the crushing debt he has left her. When she encounters the spirit of an angry Highland laird, trapped between this world and the next, she discovers a soul mate. His love promises to heal her shattered heart, and her love promises to free him of his prison and find the eternal peace he desires. But can such an impossible situation really bring healing, or will it be the cause of even greater loss and pain?

Order The Unquiet online:
Turn The Page Bookstore Cafe (Paperback Outlet, Michigan)

The Unquiet

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